PRESS RELEASE: Stafford MSD Receives All Clear from Stafford PD

December 8, 2021 – STAFFORD, Texas – According to the Stafford Police, our complex is safe and clear at this time.

However, earlier today around 12:45 p.m., the Stafford High School campus police received a phone call from an individual stating a bomb threat. Immediately, SMSD Administration and Stafford Police cleared both SHS and SSMA campuses in order to complete a full sweep of the building, but did not find any credible threat.

Our SMSD Administration and Stafford Police will continue to act in the best interest of safety for all on campus, and must evaluate the seriousness of bomb threats or other disruptive types of demonstrations using input from all sources necessary.

Although we are committed to a climate of safety and security on campus, disruptive threats of any kind and dangerous rumors can cause emotional distress to any individual including students and staff. We encourage our parents and families to talk with your students at home about these incidents as each individual plays a critical role during emergency situations. SMSD remains here to support all students and staff, and will continue with safety planning drills and conversations about appropriate responses to these types of situations.

Stafford Police will continue to treat threats of any kind with maximum caution including false reports, which can be penalized based on the age of the individual and severity of the threat.